Marshall Strawberry from Leah Gauthier on Vimeo.


The Marshall strawberry -- once deemed by James Beard, the father of American gastronomy, as the tastiest berry ever grown -- was on Slow Foods most endangered foods list just 6 short years ago.

Since 2007, artist Leah Gauthier has been lovingly working to help revive this American treasure. And now you can help too!

During Phase One of the project, Leah has released an edition of 600 plants so berry lovers everywhere can grow and enjoy Marshall strawberries in their very own farms or backyards. To date, with the help of Kind Aesthetic, an artist consultancy in NYC, over 400 plants have been adopted!

Phase Two will involve setting up hubs with our new growers so more folks can begin to adopt plants locally.

2014 plants are SOLD OUT. Plants for fall planting 2015 can be ordered now. 2015 plants will be shipped starting August 2015. Gift certificates are available.

Read more about Leah + Marshall here.

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